Yasmin Davidds - Brand Development


Yasmin Davids - Brand Development
Yasmin Davidds - Brand Development
Our Mission
The high-concept pitch, "...a successful woman who's overcome inordinate hardship", at best describes the set up to her first book. From that starting block, in only a few short years, Ms. Davidds has become not only the most highly sought after Voice of Latino women, but increasingly for women in general. Her perspective on life is powerful, profound, and disarmingly entertaining to women young and old, whether Latina, Black or White, AND not surprisingly, to the men who love them, hate them, or can't figure them out! This is a woman in demand and on the move.
...driven to make a difference, the opportunity to empty my pockets of a lifetime's worth of gathered up marbles and string, a connection here, a skill there, and applying all of it to this ultra fast-paced exhilarating mission is an empresario's dream. 

With Yasmin Davidds on point, the Wizard provides logistical support in myriad ways -- follow-through, follow-up, planning, negotiating, leveraging, balancing, rewarding, clarifying, strategizing, recruiting, wining & dining, schmoozing, opening and closing, planting seeds, harvesting in a timely manner, producing results, and more.

...the power of combined resources applied seamlessly is frighteningly effective!

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