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ABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News Television -- "EyeWitness News at 6 and 11"
The news story zeroed in on the public concern that people might be turning to herbal medicine in lieu of conventional medicine, with potentially bad consequences. The four minute piece was shot entirely at Elixr and included an interview with licensed herbalist, Marcy Basel, who offered important pointers on getting the most from herbal remedies and how to involve a primary healthcare practitioner. The reporter's voiceover concluded with a recap and a recommendation that viewers turn to qualified practitioners such as those found at Elixr.

E! Channel Television --
"L.A. Hot Spots"

A one hour show that was rebroadcast throughout July. The program featured only three places in Los Angeles, Mr. Chow, Sunset Room and Elixr, with Elixr as the show's lead-in. The show highlighted the Elixr Tonic Bar, the herbalist and the botanical garden.

OH! Network Television (Australian)
"Space", a one hour show on what's interesting and unique coming out of Los Angeles which included interviews of co-owners Jeff Stein and Edgar Veytia.

E! Channel Television
Academy Award Special

The show featured Best Actor, Actress, and Director nominees with in-depth interviews. Hillary Swank, nominee for the Best Actress award was interviewed in Elixr's botanical garden, during which time, she enjoyed an ice-cold, carbonated Gan Bei Tonic. Elixr signage was featured prominently and was referred to during the voice-over introductions.

Lifetime Network Television
Lifetime Network produced a biography style program featuring, Jacqueline Smith, one of the original cast members of Charlie's Angels. The portion of the show that featured Ms. Smith was based on an interview that was shot at Elixr. The show featured Elixr signage and Ms. Smith enjoying an Elixr Tonic.

CNBC Television
"Acupuncture and the Popularity of Herbal Remedies"
CNBC produced a show that explored the world of Alternative Medicine. Specifically, it focused on the growing popularity of traditional Chinese medicine in the U.S. The program included interviews with Elixr's herbalists who are, in addition to serving as herbal consultants at Elixr, are also nationally certified, California state licensed acupuncturists.

New Korea NBC-Television in Korea
A television program was aired in Korea that focused on the latest health trends in the United States. The program featured lots of store shots as well as interviews with Elixr herbalists.

Big Brother CBS Network Television
A special episode during which Elixr's tarot/numerologist reader was consulted in an attempt to divine possible outcomes of some choices facing show participants. The segment was shot on site using Elixr's botanical garden. The final episode clearly shows Elixr's main sign and reference is made throughout, as to where the consultation is taking place.

UPN Channel 13 Television
An indepth one hour special on "Creating a Spa Concept at Home"
Following the explosive growth in the spa industry, it is apparent that Americans are increasingly turning to day spas and personal stress reducing services. What was a luxury item only a few short years ago has become something of a necessity and a critical part of a personal urban survival strategy. The show featured Therese Walsh, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., and Senior Herbalist, at Elixr Tonics & Teas. Ms. Walsh, as Elixr's spokesperson, showcased Elixr products such as Kava Pacifica and Virtual Buddha, two of Elixr's most popular Elixr Tonics.

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